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Elvi's van

 MODIFIED CUSTOMIZED SHOW VAN Here i have a very reluctant sale of my custom van. looks absolutely crazy and sounds just as good! i have taken this to many shows and has won many competitions! for best looking van/ interior/exterior and uniqueness! A tv agency who are running an ad campaign recently contacted me regarding making a documentary about this van.they are after people who use unique methods of transport such as this to celebrate navigation etc.the idea is to make a short documentary on the van and the person who owns it!this would also be used for tv commercial and other forms of advertising. the winning bidder is very welcome to there contact information... great if ya wanna be famous and on tv :-D It has many many mods and no expense spared. i have owned this van for over 6 years it would have had over £20000 spent on it.All the work was done in japan. it is a real head turner wherever you go and drives absolutely perfect! very reliable.starts first time. very easy to drive and such a pleasure! unfortunately i am now forced to sell as i need the cash for a new business venture! i know i wont remember them all but here is a list of the mods. One off bodykit chrome alloys reversing camera custom lights custom dash steering wheel mirrored flooring chandelier fujitsu amps/crossovers/speakers... rockford fosgate speakers pull out kitchen sink storage in the back 6 seater with seat belts blitz custom side exit exhaust (loud) this machine needs to be seen to be believed... the quality of the work is amazing and you can see its had alot of time spent on it.ive done 200 mile since last mot... hence another reason for sale....the van is like brand new underneath! the wheels could do with a good clean up. maybe one re-chroming. I know,as im sure the person viewing this add knows that these sell in the region of £10000. I am asking £5300 and hope this will attract a quick sale so i can make a full commitment to my new business! Please call on 07526717680, any inspections welcome.


Paddys Van.

Modified Vehicle Report on my November 2006 (new shape) Peugeot – 11 PAD (Number plate is not included in this sale but maybe available, also have reg no:  ODO 14    for sale)Peugeot Boxer 330 SWB Panel Van 2.2 HDi Diesel  100bhp 5 speed 35 miles per gallon, 22,000 miles from new……yes 22,000 (unused for 13 months due to modifications)1 owner from new. All standard running gear, only body mods.Full service history. All the standard Peugeot Boxer van equipment when first purchased.To confirm I have listed the modifications below;
 Lowered rear suspension (changed the leaf spring from on top of the 80 x 80mm cross member box section, after taking advice from the MOT station manager; welded base plate under the box section cross member and bolted the leaf spring to the heavy duty base plate) lowering it by 80mm. The MOT station manager has looked at it and approved it and is willing to supply written confirmation of this. Also this has added stabilityI have imported an air bag suspension system from America to replace the existing rubber dampers, it is brand new and waiting to go on, this is a simple straight swap over with the existing dampers. The system is operation by way of switches in the cab, with a pressure gauge to show the levelsTotally re-sprayed in the latest bright Mercedes silver which looks so great in the sunlight (The original Peugeot colour silver is slightly darker and not so sexy looking) finished last May 2009.I’ve added a custom one off hand made body kit at the front, rear and side skirts, side ribs, and a rear spoiler to a very high standard.German 22" x 265 x 35 BSA Alloy wheels with removable stainless steel clip on rims Custom made illuminated/indicator door mirrors, twin mirrors each side.90mm Stainless Steel Side impact bars with reversing lights fitted imported from Germany, automatically activated when reverse is engaged.Door handles shaved, with electronic remote and switched door solenoid/poppers to open the doors.Additional after market angel eye Peugeot 206 light clusters fitted under the existing light clusters, all in tandemTwin fog lights each side to the front lower sectionCustom made Twin stainless steel full exhaust systemMoulded in a Audi A5 front grill and bumper finsAdditional flashing rear (x4 LED LIGHTS with a special 3 selection flasher unit), Additional brake lights let into rear spoiler, Green under body Led’s lighting to front sides and rear.White LED flashing lights behind the grillTow bar professionally supplied and fitted Revolving number plates front & rear (specially imported from China) not able to be viewed on some pictures because it was added at a later date.Infra red TFT LCD Digital Wide Colour Monitor/TV reversing camera 6”x4” with colour large screen in the cab (able to hook up a trailer with one smooth operation) Most lower panel joins smoothed outRed Led’s behind each wheelBlue led’s running lights to the door mirrorsOrange led indicator lights when indicator is operated (change from blue to orange)Standard electric windows Red Led’s shining down on rear exhaust behind rear valanceAdditional RED led’s fitted both door end panels, plus orange ones on lower cill section in the step well. Special edition chrome ringed Audi R6 hub cap centres.Integrated 12volt fridgeAdditional electric heaters under seats Electric sunroof relocated from Mitsubishi ShogunPolice siren, various sounds and hand held mic (speaker under bonnet)Additional Vibe Amp and speakers with Turbo ports and port pugs all built into a custom built bulkhead speaker cabinetSmall Blue led lights angled to the speakers and turbo portsAll additional electrical items are switched with a green led toggle switch. 20 green led toggle switches mounted on a temporary stainless steel head consul, along with the air bag gauge and rear flasher unit device.Taxed until end of May, 12 Months MOT.All the standard Peugeot Boxer van equipment when first purchased.Radio/CD controls on steering wheelOnboard computerElectric windowsABSDisc brakes aroundPower assisted steeringAir bagsCost: In total about 4,250 man hours and in excess of £12,000 spentInternal pictures of van to follow once I’ve had time to take them.The editor of Max Power wants to do a feature on it once the interior is finished, but alas I need to sell it now due to work commitments.This is truly a one off, nothing even similar on the roads. It turns heads where ever it goes, I’ve even had people sticking their cameras out of windows as they are driving along….totally mad !!! I don’t think a new Bentley GTC with Paris Hilton driving it  naked would attract anymore attention!

Sale Price ….£19,995.00 ono.If you want to know more call email me patrickvdm@live.co.uk     mobile: 07855948470


Simons next project.

Im looking for another Vito but must have a big petrol engine, 2.3 or V6 would be nice. My plan is to lower to the deck, chop the roof down by half and make into a pick up by cutting the panels down. If you see a good donor van going cheap please let me know. Thinking I might show it.

What can I say, £400, full M.O.T, 312,000 miles. no Tax. I bought this van because of the size of it. I help out at a charity shop collecting and delivering large items. The Vito was to small and was getting banged about.

As you can see, Red again & still ugly.


Simon's Mercedes Vito. 1998 panel van. August 2008

This is my next project. R reg, 2.0lt petrol. Another wonderfull purchase from Ebay @ £1100. with aircon and full service history. It goes like a rocket. Im going to fit arches and side skirts again www.rsbodykits.co.uk , nice 18" wheels and the paint work will be moonstone blue.

Well I finished the Vito yesterday 24th Oct. As you can see its red not moonstone blue. I decided I wanted it on the road quicker so red again. Ive fitted a double seat in the rear with seat belts, tinted the side loading windows.  

The 16" wheels were off a SLK 2004 model purchased from Ebay at a cost of £300. Had 4 new tyres fitted costing £140 total. Ive also bought an LPG conversion which im going to fit sometime soon. Well I finally fitted LPG to my van. I didnt use the system I bought of Ebay as I was told it was a bit old, so I fitted the tank and put in the fuel lines to the engine bay. A chap in Widnes (Andy) did all the clever bits under the bonnet at a cost of £520 all done. So far ive done 370 mile which was about 53 Ltrs of gas. The van runs a lot better on gas. Next job Sunroof.

I sold my Vito in April 2010. She had clocked up 41k while I had her and never let me down. However the reason for selling was that she had aquired a small oil leak and it could of been 1 of 3 things and you can bet your ass it was the job that needed major work. As well as a few more things that needed doing I decided to sell. I put her on ebay for £1000 but after a total melt down of my phone a chap came to look and drive and then offered me £1500 if I would remove from ebay. So I did. At the moment im driving a picasso as an in between motor. I will be looking for another project soon.


Holdsworth Camper. Ford Transit 1989. 2,5 di. Bought in March 08 from of Ebay again. This was a petrol but the chap I purchased it from had done the conversion himself. There were quite a quite bodge jobs to put right, one was the rear arches which had been pop rivited on, and the paint job, the paint wouldnt harden off. ( you can just see the arches in the photo) I will be adding more details to this.

This is the finished project, May 08. I ended up replacing the sills, arches, steps and many other bits. The end result was very rewarding.  


Mercedes Vito. 1998, S reg. 2.3 Di. Another Ebay purchase, I had been looking for while for one of these. I wanted a low mileage Vito with as little rot as possible. Didn't want to spend to much as I've never had one of these before and I plan to do some chopping and changing of things. Jobs so far, removed the bulkhead, fitted single seat to passenger side, fitted a better radio. I plan to finish this surf bus before the end of August. I've bought some E class 17" alloys from a chap called Dave in Brigg, he seems to know a lot about Vito's, which helps as this van is all new to me. I fitted the wheels on the Vito yesterday just to see how they look and they look ace !! but they do stick out form the arches by about an inch, Im thinking this may be a problem for the old bill. Looked on the net and found a few company's that do wheel arches for the Vito, so it looks like I will be fitting some of those. Hopefully the van will be finished off in Black and depending on how it sits, may lower as well. I will add more updates as time goes.

I fitted the alloy wheels today, a few jobs I had to do before hand. Bought some alloy wheel bolts from Mercedes as I couldn't find any anywhere else, paid £3.00 each. Part number ( MA638 401 01 71  -  A35E81 Lug Bolts) Had to bore out the wholes on the wheels by 2mm used a 15mm drill bit. 14mm was to small and there wasnt any give for lining up. The drive/ride is much better. Because the wheels do stick out by about an inch I found a company who supplies the wheel arches and side skirts. Wheels arches £60.50 side skirts £79.99, free delivery. I will display the website compay name once they arrive and im happy with the quality. Very happy with them please have a look at www.rsbodykits.co.uk

Finally finished, I fitted the arches and side skirts with no problems very good quality. I used 4 Lts of Jet Black 2K paint from Chruchill paints. Next on the list is to sort the inside out.

This was a quick snap I took while the rain had stopped for 5 mins. I will try and do some more. Full size bed which pulls out. Cupboard space for all your bits and bobs.


Simon's Suzuki Super Carry. 2006.

1988 E reg Suzuki super carry 1.0lt petrol powered. The first photo was taken back in September 2005. Scary little thing isn't it ?. I won it on ebay from a guy in the Midlands for £350, after selling my beautiful 1983 A reg Ford XR4i which i owned for four and a half years. The reason for selling the Xr was the fact that even thou i loved it, it just wasn't getting used and cost £20 per 50 miles in petrol so she had to go. I wanted a project and i saw this little sooty van on ebay and thought, I've never seen one of these customed, so cogs started turning and a week later here it was.

First thing to do was sound proof the rear of the van as it was like driving in a barrel, I bought a large sheet of carpet and acquired some thin foam from work and then set to sound proof. I also wanted to fit four 6x9 speakers in the back, so I made two boxes from MDF and then covered with carpet. Once I had done this the next stage was to give the little engine a service, I was amazed how easy it was to work on, you  tip the seats to view and work on the engine, strange but true. I then turned to finding some alloy wheels for it, I found this website which lists all wheel stud PDC sizes,  http://www.bikerlifestyle.co.uk/tech/pcd/pcd.htm#h  this turned out to be very useful, I discovered that the PDC was 114mm. The wheels I went looking for where off a Hyundai Coupe pre 1998, I won some on ebay for £80 and the chap arrange to meet me at a motorway junction to complete the deal. The tyres where 15x50.205 which were far to big and wide for the little van. I replaced them with 15x45.195, I had to fit a 5mm spacer for the rears and fit extended studs to the front with 20mm spacers, which kept the wheels well away from the coil springs.

This picture was taken today (17.3.06) at Evesham park. As you can see it still needs painting but first its that time of year again where it could go to the big scrap yard in the sky, yes the dreaded M.O.T an old motors nightmare. It is booked in next week and i hope it passes OK or if it doesn't, not too much work. Sometime in May it will be painted, im thinking either totally black or silver or something totally different orange with two black stripes running from front to back in the middle of the van, like the Mini. But that all depends on the M.O.T. As the weeks go on i will be adding more info, ive been looking at some gull wing door converters, mmmm we will see.

Well i picked up the van yesterday and im glad I did all the work to her before hand as she flew through the MOT. So the next stage is to decide what colour I should paint her. I have now done all the bodywork repairs and am awaiting for the repaint, still thinking of Orange. I managed to pick up two cloth seats of ebay, won them for £2.70. I have also tinted the rear and side windows, what an easy job that was.

I am going to replace this photo with a better one soon. One thing I discovered before I changed the wheels was that if you go round a roundabout quick enough I could get it to tip, but with the new wheels, no way, it was like being on rails.

I sold this little van in 2006 for good money. I did all the work but never got round to painting it.My next new project is below.


1993 Ford transit LWB single wheel 3.5 ton Gross. I bought this van back in September 2007 with the intentions of converting it into a camper. Ive never owned a Transit before, but always thought I could do something with one. I choose a LWB over a SWB as theres more room inside and with the weight it can carry. As you can see in the photo it was a bit of a shed but there again what do you get for £225. When I got to work on it I discovered a lot of rot, after a few sessions with a hammer I ended up with very big holes. I should of not bothered with it and gone out and bought another, but because I want it for myself I would of pulled anything apart to make good. I decided to crack on and start welding, after 2x 4.5 kg reels of mig wire and 4 sheets of metal 1mx1m ive finally done all the underneath. Now its bodywork and a few added extras, as its a semi high top im going to add another semi high top roof onto it, but it will start where the cab ends.

This photo was taken on the 3rd Dec 07, as you can see theres a lot of filler and primer. I also bought a 1986 SWB Transit camper off Ebay for spares, mainly for the camper side of things, the roof will be coming off that. Im also going to add to the roof, a roof box and a custom made surf board rack. On the drivers side where the sills are im planning on cutting them out and replacing with two lockers for cables, jacks, and stuff. I will try and keep adding more photos.

As you can see its nearly ready for painting. This photo was taken on the 8th Jan 08, All bodywork done and ready for some colour. I sold this van in primer as I had my eye on another project. 

Hi,  I've sent you some pictures of my ex AA brava, with a difference,   I've shoehorned a 4L daimler engine into it with full electrics and interior. what i want to do now is stretch it and make it into a limo pickup, mad i hear you say   but what the hell, everyone said i couldn't get the engine and box in but i proved them all wrong.  wot i need is some information on how to create and install extra chassis and an extra rear dead axle. the axle has to be able to lift or something as it is only rear wheel drive and ide hate to get grounded on a pissing foot path or a speed bump, i would be great full for any help you can give me as ime sick and tired of looking through pages and pages on the net to find that im looking in the wrong place or the info doesn't exist. wot i really need it to talk to someone who has done what ime trying to do. my number is  stafford 01785 214227. johnpat71@msn.com  please feel free to give my number out to anyone who can help, but please no dickheads as im married to one and that's enough for me. thanks
john............ ive sorted out my problem with the six wheel query.  bought an axle yesturday with suspension and i am startin phase 2 next week. stretching the arse out of it and welding the back of a disco to the back of the cab.   it will be a mixture of jag vauxhall and disco. and a pick up aswell ,so i can empty rubish into it and move furnature round for friends (like NEVER will that happen). anyone know were i can get my hands on a mk1 or 2 Bedford CF  you know the ones smell like hens teeth mixed with rocking horse shit lol 

Ive been given permission by the owner to show you these photos of his Transit. It is for sale on ebay at the moment for £6000 Item number: 130192954872 based in fenny Stratford , mk2 Milton Keynes.


Waiting for more info.

I bought this little Rascal on 01st August 2003 as a straight exchange with a Ford Fiesta 4 door H reg automatic, in reality and in money terms the van costed me a mere £100 as that’s how much I had bought the fiesta for.I used my Rascal for business purposes and it served me well till last year 2005, when the engine started to smoke heavily in the mornings and hence got stopped by the police to get it rectified as if they saw me again with the van they would book me.I took advice from my mecanic and at the same time looked for a decent van but they were all in excess of £2000, which I could not afford, so I decided to do my homework and started to work on the worst case senerio with overhauling the engine to its best. I belong to a wholesaler for car parts so could get all the parts at cost price. I decided that the chassis underneath was in good order and not much rust about so decided to take a chance and spend my money on this rascal and build it. I know the body work is tatty, but that can be rectified and will be painted in due course.

Engine Transplant: I bought a 2nd hand clonked out engine for £10 complete on ebay and started to work on this engine. In the meantime I am still using my van for work purposes, but made sure I had burned the oil in the mornings before I started my journey…Stripped it down to bits and took it to the engineers to have it rebored, new pistons, crankshaft regrined, new main bearings and ofcourse the cylinderhead skimmed, polished with all new stemseals, so all in, the engine cost me £700 with parts, labour and fitings, taking old engine from van out and putting the newone, the engine had a new facelift with new clutch, new waterpump and all you can imagine, list is endless. The most important investment I did was to buy a 2nd hand “ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTOR” with the appropriate COIL, cost £20 and to those reading my project, If you still got the points distributor, please take it and throw it away and invest in an electronic distributor and watch the difference how this little rascal runs, I was tottaly amazed how much performance and fuel consumption this is giving me in my daily uses and not worrying when to change the points.Looking at it now, I feel the £700 I have invested on a 3 year project for my business has already paid me off, best move I ever did and while assembling the engine I painted it different colours to sparkle the whole thing.

Alloys: I then started to look for alloys and could not find any for the rascals, eventually found one researching on the internet and some one had old stock and wanted to get rid of them for dirt cheap, I got 5 alloys for £70.00 brand new a bargain I thought, fitted new tyres and brought the looks out as everyone I happen to meet asks me where I got the alloys from as they are far & few in the market for this van. I have 14inch wheels on my rascal and I think they look great.

Suspension Legs:Now I got 2 complete suspension legs on ebay, stripped them down in my spare time, fitted new wheelbearings, new discs, new pads, new shocks, new brake hose pipe, new brake caliper seal kit with new pistons, painted them and I think they look too good to be put on the van…but hopefully will fit them in due course and enjoy the essance of driving.

Bull Bar:Just invested in a bullbar and am working on cleaning it up and painting it with gloss black or postffice red colour, I see most vans with black bullbar colour, thought I’d be different and change the colour for more attractions, I have also got spotlamps that I am working on to fit them, so making special brackets, then paint them and put on the lamps on the bullbar.

Dial Gauges & Central Locking:Working on making a pod to fit a Rev Counter/Oil Pressure gauge/Volt Gauge/Vaccum Gauge, I have got all the gauges from my mini cooper days, so that project is pending as have all the parts to fit, just finding time. I have invested in a universal central locking kit, again finding the time in between my works and family issues, so hopefully will let you guys know when I have done some more work. The van is going to be sprayed in due course, watch this space…

PS Anyone intrested in chatting and want to know more, or want a verbal chat to exchange ideas, you are welcome to call, it would be nice to hear from other RASCAL lovers.Joey. Mob: 07956 320 976 / email: joeyxx@ntlworld.com      Hi Simon,
Hope you are well and in good health.Just to remind you, my name is Joey and you have an advert on your site (Van Project) for my Rascal under the heading of “Joey’s Rascal”, Since my advert on your site I have made many friends who have contacted me through your website for advice and help, as I have my email and phone number on your site, always happy to help. Thank you so much, I truly have a fan club and thanks ever so much for putting my project… I have even helped a guy in Australia about his electronic distributor conversion, great friend and we keep in touch.I just wanted to add a bit more on my van project, if you be kind enough and add the following information as and when you have the time.

12/06/06 Fitted a universal Central Locking Kit for the front doors, they work on a key lock system, meaning when I lock the door manually, the passenger side door locks as well.

06/10/06 Went one better, fitted Central Locking Interface, meaning I can know lock and unlock my van front doors with an alarm key fob, so every time I arm my van the alarm key fob, it is armed and the central locking doors lock, no need to manually lock the van doors anymore…getting lazy or what…

12/07/07 Fitted Rear brakes, wheel cylinders, NEW BRAKE DRUMS painted RED, new rear brake pipes, new rear shocks, my baby is buzzing…lol

14/07/07 Fitted a Nokia Hands Free Kit, fantastic piece of equipment, as soon as I turn the ignition on, my mobile interacts with the equipment via bluetooth and my calls received and made are spoken clearly via this fantastic equipment as it has a powerful microphone that I can speak thru and I have fitted the loud speaker right above my right ear, so when driving one can hear the callers conversation in perfect harmony. I really feel it has been worth every penny I have spent on this equipment, total cost was £55 and I connected it with my Sony CD player, so when the call comes in the music stops and the call is taken automatically after 5 rings…I cant praise enough about this item…recommend it to everyone.

04/08/07 Fitted universal electric window kit, its just fantastic rolling the windows up and down. I have control of switches on my drivers side and passenger has its own switch for lowering and raising the windows, get a lot of comments on this subject when a passenger sits in my Rascal…as they are trying to look for a manual winder and ask if the window handle is broken…hahahaha, then I open the window from my side and all hell breaks loose…with all the sarcastic comments…I just love it… I have know bought a windows closing module, so will connect to my alarm and if the windows are half open, they will close automatically once I have armed my Rascal, it will also lock and close the windows if open…with my alarm key fob… going crazy with my Rascal project…but love it.

12/08/07 My Birthday…Yes I am 50 Years of age and still going strong…lol, I have had my long awaited RE-SPRAY done and I am not happy with the paint work, but saving again to have it done as the guy who did it for me, truly messed the paint work up…ahhh well such is life and beauty about the paint work is that he has promised to rectify and as usual he has taken the money and don’t want to do my job, I feel people like that loose in the long run, what goes round will eventually come round…we are in October know and I have given hope all together…just messed my baby up…so saving for another re-spray… I guess on the picture it don’t look bad…but believe you in me…lot of runs and there is now shine, watch this space for a new re-spary…I have taken the bulbar and spot lamps off at the moment, but will add that picture as and when I have fitted.

08/09/09 New Project…GEARBOX FULLY RECONDITIONED by my GENIUS MECHANIC Jonnyboy, young lad with great talent…thank you so much for doing my project.

I had a spare gearbox with me for ages and wanted it reconditioned as the one on my van was winding quite a lot, the actual gearbox was fine and was not jumping out of gear. My Genius Mechanic stripped the gearbox into pieces within the hour and  then I had to do my home work and find the 6 bearings to fit my gearbox. Suzuki & Vauxhall dealers were asking £25 each for each bearings and I needed 6 in total. Expensive job but had to be done as my gearbox was fine but very noisy and winding when driving in each gear. Also fitted the prop shaft diff and gearbox seals as well.

Eventually got all the bearings and Jonnyboy fitted the bearings in my gearbox and I tell you, when we fitted the gearbox back on my baby…it was as if the car had come out of the showroom…so quiet and it still is…thank you once again Jonnyboy for all your help and great workmanship, I am really in debt to you. I had all hammerite colours from yesteryears and painted the outer casing for fun, looks great and most of all the gearbox and engine sound great. While I had the gearbox opened, we fitted a New 3 piece clutch kit as well. Worked out expensive with New clutch, bearings, seals and jonnyboy’s labour which was quite modest, a total cost of £285 all in, stripping, rebuilding, parts and fitting the gearbox…I wanted it done and its done and its great…through my business I have already got my money back.

Since I have had the engine done by Jonnyboy, I have actually driven on new engine a mere mileage of 20000miles in 2 yrs, its serving me great and can take it any where without any fear, but most of all, I change the engine oil and filter EVERY 2000miles, which makes the engine breathe and work better…

12/09/07 Fitted lower arms (Wishbones) both sides, tie rod inner/outer ends, also fitted new rubber steering gators, changed gearbox oil after 158 miles after new reconditioned gearbox was fitted.

13/09/07 Had an unexpected expense occurred on my baby…my radiator started to leak, so had to buy a reconditioned radiator, I fitted it myself and its back on course…recon radiator cost me £75, nothings cheap…
Next Project I am working on is rear leaf springs, I have actually bought a 2nd hand leaf springs which I am working to clean and paint them postal red in colour…so watch this space…going to fit new bushes as well, going to paint all the brackets in black an will suit with my rear brake drums which are painted in red…crazy eh…such is life…

Please check out the "parts for sale" page if your looking for spares. Cheers Joey.

I am based in york,and bought the van of ebay for £570 i travelled to louth to pick it up, it was a bit of a shed the rear arches were comepletely gone & i would say there was a dent on every panel but what made it worse was somebody had tried to fill the dents without making any attempts to remove them so there was a lot of doggy to come out before i could start,i built the rear arches from sheet metal but before welding them in place i had to remove all corrotion and rusty metal once that was done the arches were welded in into position and filler was used to finish them off.

Filler was used extensivly throughout the vehicle i wouldnt say it was the best option to use filler on something with such long panels as you can never get them %100 straght but its cheaper and less time consumeing than fitting new panels. Once the panels were all complete i removed all interiorparts, doors,windscreen,rear screen,and it was ready to paint,which was a monumental task in itself it took me three days,first day the blue went on
all the ineriour was done in the blue as well,second day i masked half way down the van and the green went on,finaly my

favouret part the orange,i used fine line masking tape to acheive the orange wave it was great fun doing and it realy finishes the van,i think in total the van has about 7 coats of paint  were the orange is so hopfully we wont be seeing the old rust spots for a while, regards,Lee,

Thanks very much for all the email's regarding my old CF, yes it is the same one, i couldn't decide what colour to do it so i tried three, and the blue was the best.  I bought the Van in 1987 i think,for £400. T reg 1978 1.8 lt ,low com engine that ran on 2 star petrol. It was a builders van so it had its far share of dents and bangs all over it. First of all, i wanted to change its first colour which was pea green. Me and a mate painted this orange colour first and i stuck some lines on it to break the brightness up (didn't work).

I was then sold some 14" wolfrace alloys which stuck out to much from the arches,so i had to find something to close them in a little. I found some MK2 Escort forester arches on an old Escort at a scrap yard. After purchasing them for £20  i made them fit the Bedford, I then decided it needed a front spoiler which i was given, it was in two pieces but i soon repaired it and fitted some fog light into it as well.

This is what it looked like after its second colour, Met red velvet, like my Capri. To be honest i wasn't to keen even when i had the light surrounds and grill chrome plated.  So quess what, it got painted again.

As you can see this colour was the best yet, with all the chrome it looked really good and certainly turned heads.

I had also made a one piece door from a side loading door, painted the roof silver and fitted a tow bar.

This is the best photo ive got of the old van before someone offered me a stupid amount of money for it, and as the saying goes "everythings for sale at the right price", im not going to say how much but all i will say is, "theres one born every day". and he got a real bargin. 

This one i bought from a chap in Manchester for £150. as the clutch had collapsed and it had to towed home. Once i got it home i fitted a new plate which i had acquired from a box of bits, and in less than an hour of being home it was running and moving. The engine had only done 60.000 which wasn't bad for the Opel, it was fitted from new with a 5 speed ZF gearbox. It started of its live as a white van and was owned by Shell Oil in Runcorn i think it was. It was only used on site but it still had to be taxed and MOTed for the odd short run out on the road. It was then sold to the chap who i got it from, he hand painted dark blue,which then broke down after one month, maybe it didnt like the colour. I did quite a bit to this one, but one thing i couldn,t find was some alloys. The rear was sectioned out and front part i fitted out with carpet 4 sunroofs. The headlights where from a MK IV Ford Cortina, i changed the bedford badge for a Opel one which had people thinking. I made another one piece door on the rear and another side loading door so i had one each side. This is the only photo i can find but im sure one day i will find more. In the end i painted it Manchester Red, and then i was offered a silly amount for it, so of course it went.

I bought this van for £80 and to be honest the only thing on its side was the fact that it had a genuine 38.000 miles on the clock. There wasn,t much metal left around the bottom, it had new rear arches,wings,sills,floor pans and of course the escorts favourite, the battery panel. I fitted a 5 speed gearbox which helped with its MPG and top end speed. I also painted this van Manchester red.

I looked at your website, some good stuff on there. I bought the van from an American drama teacher, who teaches in a local private american school near to me. He painted the van up himself as his kids suggested it & he thought it would be a fun thing to do. He just hand-drew the design copying from a comic & painted it in. He sold the van as he just wasn't using it very much (as I am finding - only 2 seats, no good if you have a family). It certainly gets a lot of attention when you drive it! Kind regards, Pippa

We had a perfectly respectable VW camper but after a night of hard drinking we decided to get it painted as the mystery machine.Had to sell it last year due to a new addition to the family.We sure miss the van. (more to follow).

Attention grabbing!!! i've had people come to my house and ask if they could have a look, take pictures of everything, one guy even asked if he could go and get his wife!!! it would be great for promotional work,  i had a replica lambo once and it didnt stand out half as much as this!

the story so far-
The van has been retrimmed, and has had a body kit fitted, along with massive 18x12 inch wheels, back door was painted, van resprayed  I.C.E. installed ect. All of this was done proffesionally in japan and cost a LOT!!! i bought the van after some minor curb damage. i repaired most of the damage ( it needs a bit of spraying on one of the wheel arches, and the bumper,(you could easily do it with a spray can, as long as you get a colour match, its all primered).also new cream carpets, and wood effect floor, along with a smaller I.C.E install, although the original is included with the van, so if you wanted you could have 2!!!! (all the bits are there).
i took the van for a mot and it passed without any faults, unfortunatley on the way home the cambelt snapped!!! :(   and whats more i had a cambelt for the garage to fit, they told me to bring it back in a week to have it fitted!!!!i havent really got enough time  to fix it so this could just well be a bargain for somebody. it will need the engine rebuilding or maybe just fit another,  engines are cheap enough (around £300-£600 or so on here for an engine thats done about 60,000 miles) its not to difficult to remove the engine. the engine should just drop out the bottom (you dont have to remove the suspension ect like i first thought!!).apart from the engine theres nothing machanically wrong, (it passed mot in dec!) it looks as good as new underneath. its only done 60,000 miles. and the gearbox, brakes ect are all ok (i drove it up and down the road every now and then just to keep it all working, it was all ok) , so it should be a easy repair for somebody.

also theres a few other small bits to do, microwave needs fitting (if you want to)  it needs two plasic relectors for the back (about £5) and paint needs touching up on the bumper and one of the wheel arches, you should be able to do it yourself if you get the the right colour.  the airhorns need putting back on, if you want them (i couldnt figure out how they worked and thought they were broken, so i swaped them for a normal horn, then i realised the compresser ect was in the back witha really long pipe! expensive set up, but wont seize up after 6 months like they normally do!). it needs a bit of trim for under the window inside to hide the wires, (i had a bit of checker plate aluminium to fit), theres probably a couple of other things i havent thought of, still nothing major. shouldnt take any longer than a couple of days to do. 

These vans usually sell for about £10,000, and i've never seen one as good as this!!! so come and grab a bargain. if it doesnt sell  i'll leave it on my drive till i've got enough money to fix it and then i'll put it back on here.

any questions please email.paul216x@supanet.com




VIEWING OR ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE RING BOB ON 07976 244980   OR 0161 705 2159. Email bathwizard@tiscali.co.uk

“Van”, as we call her, is a 1990 Vauxhall Rascal “Mover” - the top of the range model, with rear wash/wipe, nudgebars, and foglamps as standard and always ‘Marble Beige’ (it’s not white!) with brown ‘go-faster’ (?) stripes. I bought her from a man in Portsmouth in January 1997 - he had inherited her but had no use for her.

I bought a well-used Daihatsu 850 microvan after passing my test in 1993, I thought it would be good for carrying me, a friend and our mountain bikes to exciting new places. She spent more time in the local garage than on the road, and so was replaced with a
Ford Fiesta. Getting two bicycles into that wasn’t easy, so when she had to be replaced, the guy at the local garage, who I had become to know well thanks to the Daihatsu, knew of a man with a good Rascal for sale. Remembering what fun the Daihatsu had been when it was running, I paid him a visit.

Her compact size and manoeuvrability make her ideal for driving round Oxford, with it’s crazy road junction systems where you have to change lane every few metres, avoiding traffic that is stuck between ill-sequenced traffic lights, and lost and confused tourists. Her size also allows you to park in spaces others have to pass by. Speed bumps are no fun at all though and should only be approached at a snails pace - you need a big, fast car for those.

She had just over 30000 miles on the clock when I bought her, but has now travelled over 89000. This includes regular trips to relatives in Portsmouth, Coventry, and Weston Super Mare. We have also been to Portmerion (bit of an adventure that), and have camped in her at the Towersey Village Festival (we are small people).

Please click on the picture to visit my website, Thanks Robin.

A Classic American Custom Pickup - the trucks America was built on - a real head turner, unlike any other vehicle on the road today - a Showstopper with Trophy-earning potential!!!
The Truck looks great and is still going strong. It is yellow and blue, as you can see from the pictures, and has a 3.9 litre V8 flathead engine.This completely rebuilt Truck now makes a great piece of Ford automotive history.In New Jersey, USA in 1989 it was bored out 30 over, had new pistons, polished crank, new valves, adjustable tappets, new carburettor, water pumps, distributor, new heads, timing gears, cam shaft, oil pump, fuel pump rod and fuel pump. As well as a rebuild on the 3-speed manual transmission, new bearings, clutch pressure plate and fly wheel turned and the front end rebuilt from tie rods to kingpins, it has had a compete rebuild on the brake system.

This stunning piece of machinery has a 6 volt system which has been left original with the V8, 239 (3.9l).The body has fibreglass front and rear bumpers and running boards, fibreglass cab corners, oak boards for the pickup bed and a customised hand-made rear cover with the Ford logo sewn on it!The interior of the cab has been kept original with re-upholstered seat and a cardboard head liner kit installed, side windows are bronzed and all other glass  is new and clear. The frame and floor is solid with no holes,a ll gauges are new except the speedometer.
In fact the only things not to the original Ford F-1 Pickup spec are the wheels and paint job!!!
This truck has been trailered and garaged since its rebuild and has done very few miles om the road.This was the grandfather of the current F-series pickup, which is the best-selling vehicle in the world and the core of Ford's business.

"It created the F-series name, and it was a tough, versatile truck," McElroy said. "It was also highly styled, though; completely different from the slab-sided trucks that came before it. It was the first all-new vehicle Ford developed after World War II, and gave birth to an entire family of trucks, including the F8 semi. "Ford did a lot of work on the 1948 F-series," Casey said. "They called it the truck with the first million-dollar cab, because of the cost of developing it."

I came across your site and thought I'd let you know that I run a company called 'Eastern Autos' and I have imported a few custom Hiace vans over the past couple of years (some have since been re-sold (on Ebay) and I have quite a few photos on file.


Spec white leather trim, gti steering wheel .neons 2x 12" subs 2 amps 6x9s alpine head unit ,dead locks ,,alarm ,17" triple chrome, alloys, 6" exhast ,silver dash, perl flip blue paint american spec..wayne 01268711272 07798722288


Jon's very kool Rascal.

Hi simon a little bit about why I did my van.i wanted a van for getting rid of my garden rubbish and to get to work used to drive one on and off for an old employer.never been one for doing cars up  but it all started with my son loaning me a bass box,i then added 2x5" 2x6.5" 2x6" speakers a 3000 Watt amp.then a set of alloy wheels,smaller steering wheel,bucket seats,stainless exhaust,guages,then a bigger set of alloys,had the van resprayed at work,a set of decals,had a stainless spot light bar made added spots in between all of this i found your site and got talking to a guy called joey who,s van is on your site.if i never meet a more genuine,helpful person again a least i can say i met this guy and his mate jonny.

He introduced me to the electronic ignition which he got me the bits and Johnny fitted for a very good price.what more can i say still adding bits that i find plus the help of joey.it makes me laugh my sons told everybody my dad is going through a mid life crisis most middle age blokes go for a younger woman my dads gone for a van,to some it up it says in the back of my window.ITS ONLY FOR A LAUGH AND MAKE YOU SMILE.if i can help anyone just email me if i don,t know my very good friend joey can help.one of my neighbours captured my son not long after i had my exhaust fitted and told him of for having such a loud exhaust,my son said you best see my dad its his van lol cheers j j  JONJNR007@aol.com


Please let me know what you think of the website so far ?